Over 95% of delegates consistently scored Jenny’s development sessions as “excellent”.

Director of Organisational Development, Academi Wales,
Welsh Government

Training designed to:

This is achieved by bringing the theory and expertise alive through stories, interaction and practice. Creating tailored courses that are designed for each organisation, from half a day to 3 month programmes, topics covered:

All my courses are designed to create and inspire clear thinking. Examples of courses:

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The 4 Conversations Every Manager Must Have

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How to Successfully Manage Your Career

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The Creative Thinking Mindset

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The Millennial Mindset

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Inside the Clients Mind

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What Got You Here
Won’t Get You Growth

Amazing session, really helped structure my thinking
it is rare someone can actually help you do that. I would highly recommend the course.

Account Director, Media

Increase Training Effectiveness with the Enneagram

Have you ever been on a training course and understand the theory but found it hard to put in to practice? For example, we can learn about developing our communication skills, and yet still find it hard to apply the theory. When we apply the Enneagram insight to training, it makes the training more effective; it is personalised to each person’s strengths and blind spots, enabling bespoke strategies to be developed in the training room. It is the difference that makes the difference.

Understanding + Personalisation = Highly Effective Learning

Courses with the Enneagram

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Team Training
9 Types of Us

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The Leaders Mindset

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The Impactful Mindset

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Communication Skills

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The Resilient Mindset

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This is Personal