Terms & Conditions

  1. This agreement is for the following services: Executive, Career and Enneagram coaching.
  2. This is to acknowledge that anything revealed to me (Jenny Williams) by my client during the course of our coaching program together will remain strictly confidential unless by prior agreement.
  3. Each coaching program is to be prepaid in advance before the commencement of the service.
  4. A telephone booking or email for a session will be deemed to be confirmation for the coaching session.
  5. If a client arrives late for the session for whatever reason, the session will run to the original agreed time.
  6. Please give 72 hours notice of cancellation or rescheduling of your appointment for any reason. Clients cancelling within a 72 hour period will be liable for the full standard appointment charge for the appointment being cancelled.
  7. Clients failing to show for their session without sufficient prior notice will forfeit their right to the session missed.
  8. Should there be any need for Jenny Williams Coaching to cancel a client’s appointment for any reason whatsoever including illness and any unforeseen circumstances we will make reasonable efforts to give adequate notice. Jenny Williams Coaching cannot accept any costs or claims for travel, inconvenience or any other aspect related to the cancelled appointment. Cancellations are made without prejudice.
  9. Should it be agreed that the appointment be held at the client’s own premises, then the client will be responsible for providing a safe and uninterrupted place of work to these terms and conditions whether they are signed or not.
  10. Jenny Williams Coaching may with the clients full permission may use referrals for promotion and marketing purposes.
  11. All clients booking the services of Jenny Williams Coaching upon commencement of their first session will be deemed to have read and agreed to this agreement whether it is signed or not.
  12. It is the responsibility of the client to keep us informed of any relevant health issues that may have a bearing on the efficacy of their programme before, between and during the appointments.
  13. Jenny Williams Coaching operates and provides its services in accordance with UK laws.