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Do You Need a Career Reboot?

Many of us devote 5 days a week, 8 hours a day over 5 decades of our lives to work. Perhaps it is best not to do the maths, but the truth is we spend too much of our waking life at work and not to enjoy it.  We can sometimes, however, find ourselves stuck in our career. Perhaps this is you? If so, a Career Reboot session may help.

This is for you if you are…

  • Questioning if you are in the right job or even career
  • Wanting to future proof your career
  • Getting interviews but not the job offers
  • Wanting to do your own thing but are not sure if you should
  • Unsure if your skills are transferable
  • Keen to be promoted

Client’s Experience of My Career Coaching?

“If you are up for it, Jenny can be a game changer

“Jenny facilitated, in a very structured way, what was an intensive session about me. She has tremendous empathy for her clients and challenges us to understand and embrace what drives us. After the session, my interview performance was so improved I was offered three jobs!”

“I can’t believe the positive impact that the coaching with Jenny has had on my career. We have systematically removed all the barriers that have been holding me back."

"Just wanted to say thank you for your recent coaching to help me identify a new career, not only did you help me gain perspective and structure my thinking but you also built my confidence and made me feel much more motivated. Your relaxed style and caring attitude made it a pleasure."

"The session provided clarity and distilled down what is important to me in my life and what I want in the future.  It challenged my fears, helped me think about change in manageable steps. Making my future dreams and passions feel possible."

"The session was inspiring, eye-opening, motivating, challenging and thought-provoking."

"Jenny asked the right questions and challenged (in a good way) my assumptions and thoughts. Through the coaching I actually have a better idea of what is REALLY important to me. The (weighted) checklist I have for future opportunities is so useful."

What the Reboot Involves?

  • Prior to the session, you will need to consider what the real ‘question’ is you want to focus on answering in the Reboot. This will shape how I tailor the session. The question might be:
    • Should I stay in my current role?
    • How can I change career?
    • How can I improve my interview success?
  • The tailored session will be 3 hours long, during which you will receive:
    • Coaching to enable you to progress in your career, answering your own unique question.
    • A personality profile using the Enneagram, to create a deeper understanding of self and how this may apply in your career
    • What is my Type?”, a short book which explains the different personality types using the Enneagram
    • What Should I do with My Life” by Po Bronson, an insightful collection of stories from people who have answered this question (it never fails to inspire)
    • Feedback on your Curriculum Vitae that is relevant to our discussions.
  • To get the most from our time together, you will also complete a career questionnaire and Enneagram profile, and send me your latest CV prior to the session.
  • The coaching can be either via Skype or face-to-face.

How to Book a Reboot?

Email me at and let me know what question you would like to focus on answering in the session.